Right of Way Services

about imageRight of way services include building project line lists and maps, running title, contacting property owners for survey permission, offering field support during surveying and construction operations, negotiating easements, negotiating the expansion of existing easements and/or paying for damages on the maintenance and operations of existing easements. We are client-focused, not corporate-focused.

We focus on best practices to perform each and every task in the smartest, most efficient way possible. One of the most common statements you will hear in our firm is that "every project is different". This is very true. That is why we have learned to develop a best practices approach to each task, each time, to ensure we are doing the best we can on each project. Corporate growth is not our goal. Repeat business is our mission. The more we work together as a team, the better you get. This certainly holds true with clients and service companies. The more a client works with a service provider, the easier it is to complete a project and the more successful they become. Getting to know each other takes time. We want to invest that time for the best possible outcome for your organisation.

TROWS Magement & Consulting - Project Management

about imageTROWS consultancy services help to keep projects on time and budget. We will help you select the right team for a particular project, develop best practices approach for each task and we can monitor and manage performance and billing to keep the project on track. Clients generally don't conduct the type of oversight needed to keep a service company operating as efficiently as possible. The examples are endless, but managing agent down time and monitoring invoices for accuracy can save time and money.

One of our biggest strengths is helping to coordinate the timing of land tasks to closely coincide with the needs of the engineers, survey teams, valuers, construction contractors and other project disciplines to keep a project on track and on budget. Surveyors need line lists, title and survey permission before they can complete the plats required for negotiating easements or rights of way. Knowing what other disciplines need and when they will need it can help a project to flow smoothly. We can help with planning, timing and budgeting - the key to a successful Right of Way project.

Environmental & Social Impact Assesment

about image TROWS provides a diverse range of services to assist clients who need to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in support of a specific development. We can manage and deliver an entire EIA project from concept, pre-feasibility through to feasibility using experienced team of technical specialist; our approach to EIA work is iterative, working constructively to assess impacts and then to optimize project proposals to minimize those impacts, whilst maintaining project viability.

Community Engagement

about imageOur community due diligence service is a new and innovative approach to a big industry problem. Community resistance is growing towards infrastructure projects, including linear projects like high speed trains and pipelines and large scale power lines. For this reason, it is critical that companies step into the community early in the route or site development process, explore all existing routes or sites and, most importantly, build relationships with community stakeholders. Communities that are engaged in the process early on and who are allowed to participate in decisions that will impact their community have proven to be much easier to work with than those who are surprised with a formal announcement of a new project with no warning or prior engagement.

If you are telling the community about a project at a public meeting, you are starting your engagement with local stakeholders too late in the planning process. Community members and leaders will be surprised and uncomfortable in the public meeting setting. They will develop an "us against them" mentality from the onset of the project that you will not be able to overcome. We reach out to individuals, municipalities and key local stakeholders way before public meetings are held. We give them an opportunity to talk openly and freely with us in individual or small group settings that are more comfortable and personal for them. We get their feedback and comments about what they see as a best practices approach to developing a project in their community. We find out what is important and meaningful to them, what actions or areas they would like us to avoid and why. Our clients will be able to demonstrate to stakeholders and community members that they have done all that they reasonably can (full due dil igence) to find the best route, site and construction plan. We can help deliver that message in community outreach and stakeholder meetings. It is one thing to perform due diligence, but it is just as important to deliver that message to stakeholders and communities - the message that we have done all that we can to plan the best route. The other message that we need to deliver is that linear systems benefit the communities in which they are built and the risks are usually much smaller than people realize. These messages need to be conveyed to the public more clearly and more often. Through research, education and outreach we can reduce the potential for misinformation and minimize resistance.

Asset Valuation

about imageTotal Right of Way Services through our Partner firm: NUEL MARK AND PARTNERS- Estate Surveyors and Valuers also offers valuation services for acquisitions of Right of way in Nigeria. We are experienced in researching facilities and rights of way for acquisitions. Our Chief Consultant was amongst those who are involved in the valuation of rights of way for the Lagos Ibadan Rail project and over hundred federal and state Government project in Nigeria. Whether you are thinking of buying or selling a pipeline or an electric transmission line, or a multi-line system, whether you simply want to value your rights, or add another line in a complex corridor, we can help sort through the complexities of any system.